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Re: Nagrade
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Sunburst Award 2020

Winner: Gods of Jade and Shadow, Silvia Moreno-Garcia (Del Rey)
Crow Winter, Karen McBride (HarperAvenue)
The Migration, Helen Marshall (Random House Canada)
Moccasin Square Gardens, Richard Van Camp (Douglas & McIntyre)
Shout Kill Revel Repeat, Scott R. Jones (Trepidatio)

Young Adult
Winner: The Ghost Collector, Allison Mills (Annick)
The Candle and the Flame, Nafiza Azad (Scholastic)
Nevers, Sara Cassidy (Orca)
Nikki Tesla and the Ferret-Proof Death Ray, Jess Keating (Scholastic)
Those Who Dwell Below, Aviaq Johnston (Inhabit)

Short Story
Winner: “The Fourth Trimester is the Strangest”, Rebecca Campbell (F&SF May/Jun 2019)
“Florilegia”, Amal El-Mohtar (The Mythic Dream)
“The Hundred Gardens”, Catherine Kim (Nat. Brut Spr 2019)
“The Inland Beacon”, Kate Heartfield (Tesseracts Twenty-Two: Alchemy and Artifacts)
“Wheetago War II”, Richard Van Camp (Moccasin Square Gardens)

The jurors for the 2020 awards were Peter Darbyshire, Kristyn Dunnion, Omar El Akkad, Michelle Butler Hallett, John Jantunen, Michael Johnstone, Ursula Pflug, and Sarah Tolmie


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Re: Nagrade
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Ditmar Awards 2020

Winner: The Year of the Fruit Cake, Gillian Polack (IFWG)
Claiming T-Mo, Eugen Bacon (Meerkat)

Short Fiction
Winner: “Whom My Soul Loves”, Rivqa Rafael (Strange Horizons 11 Nov 2019)
Into Bones Like Oil, Kaaron Warren (Meerkat Shorts)

Collected Work
Winner: Collision, J. S. Breukelaar (Meerkat)

Fan Publication In Any Medium
Winner (tie): Be the Serpent
Winner (tie): SF Commentary

Fan Writer
Winner: Elizabeth Fitzgerald, for reviews in Skiffy and Fanty
Bruce Gillespie, for writing in SF Commentary and ANZAPA articles

New Talent
Winner: Freya Marske

William Atheling Jr. Award For Criticism Or Review
Winner: FictionMachine reviews, Grant Watson
Writing Speculative Fiction, Eugen Bacon (Red Globe)


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Re: Nagrade
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Arthur C. Clarke Award 2020

The Old Drift, Namwali Serpell (Hogarth)

Cage of Souls, Adrian Tchaikovsky (Head of Zeus)
The City in the Middle of the Night, Charlie Jane Anders (Tor; Titan)
The Last Astronaut, David Wellington (Hachette)
The Light Brigade, Kameron Hurley (Saga; Angry Robot UK)
A Memory Called Empire, Arkady Martine (Tor)

The 2020 judges are Rhian Drinkwater, Stewart Hotston, Farah Mendlesohn, Chris Pak, and Alasdair Stuart, with Andrew M. Butler serving as the non-voting Chair of the Judges.

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Re: Nagrade
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2020 Neukom Institute Literary Arts Awards for speculative fiction:

2020 Neukom Institute Literary Arts Award for Speculative Fiction (Debut)
Cadwell Turnbull, The Lesson (Blackstone Publishing, 2019)

2020 Neukom Institute Literary Arts Award for Speculative Fiction (Open)
Ted Chiang, Exhalation (Knopf, 2019)

“Speculative fiction has always challenged and enlarged our ideas of what the world can be,” said Dan Rockmore, director of the Neukom Institute for Computational Science at Dartmouth. “This year’s winners continue this important tradition and recognize two wondrous and wonderful additions to this vibrant genre.”
In recognition of the relevance of speculative fiction to our time and the vast amount of high quality work being written, the Neukom Awards has also awarded special recognition to We Set the Dark on Fire, by Tehlor Kay Mejia (Katherine Tegen Books, 2019) in the debut category, and The Archive of Alternate Endings, by Lindsey Drager (Dzanc Books, 2019) in the open category.
The book awards were judged by Nebula Award-winner Sam J. Miller, author of The Art of Starving, Blackfish City, Destroy All Monsters and The Blade Between.
The debut winner, The Lesson, by Cadwell Turnbull, tells the story of the tense relationship between residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands and aliens parked over the island group on a multiyear research mission. The book provides a spec-fic twist to the complexities of colonialism, and of interactions between people.
“Few science fiction storylines are more overused than tales of alien first contact and invasion, which makes Cadwell Turnbull’s achievement in The Lesson all the more astonishing,” said Miller. “He’s managed to make it fresh and alive and painfully relevant for a moment where our histories of colonization and exploitation are poised to teach us all some terrible lessons, and we should all be paying attention. It’s the kind of debut that makes me so excited for the future of speculative fiction.”

The open category winner, Exhalation, by Ted Chiang, is a collection of nine stories that address subjects including time travel, alien life and artificial intelligence. In the book, Chiang’s second collection of stories, the author creates devices such as a digital memory and a digital pet to explore the many imaginative alleyways of the spec-fic genre.
“Ted Chiang is simply the greatest living science fiction writer, and each new story of his is cause for celebration. It’s been 17 years since his last collection, and Exhalation is exactly the kind of brain-exploding, superhuman, profoundly human work we need right now. Far and away the best speculative book of the year, and probably the decade. Ted’s stories rewrite the rules of the world and widen the scope of our dreams, and we are all in his debt,” said Miller.

Turnbull and Chiang will participate in an online award event later this month to discuss their works and the speculative fiction genre. Miller and Rockmore will also participate.
In addition to appearing on the panel, the two top award winners will each receive a $5,000 honorarium.
The awards program serves as part of the Neukom Institute’s mission to explore the possibilities of computational science, including the ways in which computational ideas impact society.